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Der Kosmetik- und Pflegeprodukte-Hersteller CHI hat sich voll und ganz auf die Haarpflege spezialisiert. So bietet der Hersteller für strapazierte und trockene, fettige oder schwer zu frisierende Haare Creme, Shampoos, Öle und Lotionen an, die nicht nur in vielen privaten Haushalten, sondern auch in zahlreichen professionellen Frisiersalons rund um den Globus anzutreffen sind. Die Luxury Blow Dry Cream von CHI versorgt das Haar mit Feuchtigkeit, verleiht ihm Glanz und erleichtert das tägliche Styling. Insbesondere für Glatthaarfrisuren ist die Luxury Blow Dry Cream geeignet. Sie verbessert die Formbarkeit des Haares, sorgt für Halt und Volumen und ist mit ihrer speziellen Feuchtigkeitsformel auch ein Schutzfaktor vor Austrocknung durch Hitze oder Sonneneinstrahlung.Bewährte Inhaltsstoffe und Wirkkomplexe wie Schwarzkümmelöl regenerieren und revitalisieren das Haar sanft und nachhaltig und verleihen ihm Geschmeidigkeit. Damit eignet sich die Haarcreme ideal für die tägliche Haarpflege. Zum Auftragen auf die Haare Creme einfach auf den Handflächen verteilen und in das feuchte Haar einmassieren. Nach der Anwendung kann das Haar wie gewohnt gestylt werden - und Sie freuen sich über die leichtere Kämmbarkeit der Haare und die Formbeständigkeit Ihrer Frisur, den angenehm frischen Duft und das gute Gefühl, rundum gepflegt den Tag zu beginnen.

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Brideshead Revisited Complete Collection - Digi...
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Brideshead Revisited Complete Collection – Digitally Re-mastered Based on Evelyn Waugh's classic novel, Jeremy Irons stars as Charles Ryder, a disillusioned army captain who is moved to reflect on his languid days in the enchanted castle that was Brideshead, home of the aristocratic Marchmain family whose acquaintance Charles made in the company of Oxford classmate, the charming wild-child Sebastian.Anthony Andrews co-stars as the doomed Sebastian. Sebastian takes Charles under his wing but vows early on that he is not going to let Charles get mixed up with his family. But mixed up Charles gets! He becomes a friend and confidante, not to mention a lover, to Sebastian's sister Julia (Diana Quick). Meanwhile, the self-destructive Sebastian's life spirals out of control.Brideshead Revisited boasts a distinguished ensemble cast, including Laurence Olivier in his Emmy Award-winning role as the exiled Lord Merchmain, Claire Bloom as Lady Merchmain, and the magnificent John Gielgud as Charle's estranged father. Grand locations and a haunting musical score make this a memorable revisit of an irretrievable bygone era.Episodes include:Et In Arcadia Ego In the winter of 1944, Charles Ryder finds himself back at Brideshead Castle. The sight takes him back to Oxford where he first met Sebastian and his first visit to Brideshead in June 1923. Home And Abroad Charles and Sebastian plan to spend the summer at Brideshead, but when Sebastian's brother and sister arrive unexpectedly Sebastian and Charles go to visit Lord Marchmain in Venice. The Bleak Light Of Day Back at Oxford, Lady Marchmain has asked Mr. Samgrass to keep a close eye on Sebastian and his increasing drink problem, but this does not prevent him being arrested for drink driving. Sebastian Against The World After a drunken Easter in 1924 at Brideshead, Sebastian turns on his only friend. Charles finds he is helpless to stop Sebastian's decline and that his own happiness is in jeopardy. A Blow Upon A Bruise Charles returns to Brideshead, from Paris, for the New Year of 1925. He joins Sebastian and Mr Samgrass who have themselves arrived from a visit to the Near East. Sebastian's drink problem is getting worse and nothing can stop him. Julia Charles finds Rex Mottram waiting for him on his return to Paris: Sebastian has given him the slip on their way for treatment. Rex tells Charles he wishes to marry Julia, but the Marchmain fortune is running dangerously low. The Unseen Hook On returning to London in May 1926, Charles learns that Sebastian has been taken away to the Infirmary. He also learns of Lady Marchmain's death. Brideshead Deserted In 1935 Charles is now married to Lady Celia Ryder and they are to sail back to England from New York. They inadvertently bump into Julia Mottram as their luxury ship heads for an Atlantic storm. Orphans Of The Storm During the storm Julia and Charles talk for hours in the empty lounges. Alone together in the sunset, they realise they are in love and end up beginning an affair. A Twitch Upon A Thread At Brideshead in the summer of 1938 Charles and Julia decide to marry after having had an affair for the last two years. But before long Bridley returns home to announce his engagement. Brideshead Revisited It is January 1939 and Lord Marchmain returns home to die. Angered by his eldest son's engagement, he plans to leave everything to Julia and Charles. But, Lord Marchmain's death causes Julie to doubt her love for Charles and their future together is threatened. The final episode ends with a 1944 wartime Army epilogue. Awards Winner of 17 international awards including two Golden Globes and a Primetime Emmy Emmy Award - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or a Special - Laurence Olivier 7 BAFTA TV Awards Golden Globes - Winner of Best Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV & Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV (Anthony Andrews British Broadcasting Press Guild - Best Television Series/Serial Television Craft Awards - Make-up, Costume Design DVD Extras: Commentaries with: Jeremy Irons, Diana Quick, Nickolas Grace, Anthony Andrews, Producer Derek Granger and Director Charles Sturridge Audio Commentaries: Director Michael Lindsay-Hogg Stills Gallery - Featuring previously unseen stills from private collections Documentary 'The Making of Brideshead' Deleted Scenes

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